I'm one of those people who are heavily influenced by their surroundings. If my place is a mess, I'm a mess! And it's no wonder that I've been distracted and procrastinating lately because the place where I spend most of my time (my office) wasn't some place I actually wanted to be! My desk used to face the TV and I tended to pay more attention to the Kardashians than my work. And because they're on 24/7 that was ALL. THE. TIME.

     That's when I decided I needed to create a space that I felt comfortable in and inspired by. I started by turning my desk away from the TV. No more Distract-shians! Then, because I'm a highly visual person and believe in the art of manifestation, I created a giant mood board/ inspiration wall that brought my Pinterest to real life! I adorned it with images to aspire to and that really reflected the life that I want; which is a life filled with lots of color, travel, design, art and style with the main theme being vibrancy! I also put up a few quotes and mantras that I felt would be beneficial to me in those times of self-doubt which inevitably happens when you're an entrepreneur.

   On the desk I made sure to have only my favorite things within an arms reach. This includes my favorite books, magazines and trinkets from my travels. This way, I could be nothing but happy sitting down to do work surrounded by the things I love. If you are ever having issues with productivity I suggest taking a look at your surroundings and ask yourself if you're inspired by what you see! And if not, make a conscious effort to place yourself in front of beauty every day!